In the UK there are 15 designated national parks, each with their own unique; landscapes, governing bodies and marketing styles. During the recent Covid lockdowns these green and natural areas of beauty have become increasingly recognised as incredibly valuable pieces of land to explore, exercise and visit for people looking to escape urban life. Although vital for their economic, environmental and ecological output, many have poorly designed websites and inconsistent branding and strategy.

For this project I looked to the great national parks of Canada and USA for inspiration and decided that the best way to promote these parks and attract new investment would be to unite these parks under one strong refreshed brand identity.
This project is ongoing...
Identity look & feel
I decided on the phrase Discover Change as my primary anchor for guiding the appearance and tone of voice for the national parks. The phrase is meaningful and inviting but vague enough to encompass all the different audiences that interact with the parks.
Seasonal Animated Logo
I decided that that the primary logo should animate in accordance with the seasons, developing and changing as nature does. This reflects the natural processes within the parks and helps to affirm the Discover Change mantra. Currently in concept & development stage.
These are the current logos for each of the national parks. Each have their own style, typeface and layout, making for a very inconsistent experience when trying to identity them.
Exmoor National Park
When designing the Exmoor identity, I felt the original stag mark should be preserved as it is a significant symbol within the local area and even appears on the Exmoor flag. I was luckily enough to visit the Minehead area of Exmoor in between lockdowns and see the wild horses and open moorland in person. The stag symbol required some tweaking to appear more friendly but now sits in the updated park logo lockup.
What's next?
Over the coming weeks I plan to generate the identities for the other parks and begin visualising the additional applications like wayfinding, park info, an AR application to help guide walkers on trails and marketing materials to attract visitors. 
Interested in learning more about my process? 
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