Working with MadeOpen, the RNLI created an initiative called Design out Drowning to use the South-West community to help provide new and innovative solutions to reducing drowning in the South-West. I was brought on as a design intern with MadeOpen to help design assets and materials for the project.
Over the course of 6 weeks we created and help formulate the design briefs that would inform teams on the specific problems the RNLI needed solving. Each document used a mixture of photography, typography and iconography to portray the problems and highlight the potential design opportunities for designers, inventors and creative businesses to tackle. 
In order to help the RNLI MadeOpen conducted extensive research and investigations into why people are drowning around the coastline and how we might use creative ways to solve this issue. This included answering the following questions; 
Who are they? What were they doing? Where were they? Why did they drown? What were the factors effecting their rescue? What insights can we use to improve this situation? 
Using the research we created profiles, personas and timelines to help condense the information. We then began to explore possible touch points for potential solutions. 
Icon Set - For Workshop assets and general use
South-West RNLI Workshop
Using key members of the RNLI team we were able to have a discussion over our findings to help filter down to the right problems to tackle. During this workshop we were able to narrow down to the target to 6 important issues faced by the RNLI;
Alcohol & Drugs
Cut off by Tide
Mental Health
Personal Floatation Devices
Rip Currents
Walking & Running
Using these key areas we hope to make a power impact on the number of coastal drowings
The Design Briefs
The 6 briefs were designed to be simple and elegant to allow the reader to become fully immersed in the important information provided. The typography was carefully curated to clean and legible. A small use of colour was chosen to highlight key information and vital questions. 

During which I was asked to record the event through photography and recording how the stakeholders reacted to the information and briefs.

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